Thursday, December 9, 2010


What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.
There are three or four (non-work-related) social gatherings that stand out from the past year, though I’m not sure any of them “rocked my socks off.”  There were the gathering for Becca’s graduation celebration, the gathering for Jon and Ilona’s wedding, the meal up at Mount Tremper Arts just before a great performance and discussion of gay issues in performance art, and various gatherings around holidays and birthdays.  I think, though, that the gathering that currently stands out most for me—perhaps because it’s the most recent—was the one the day after Thanksgiving at some friends.  We were each asked to bring our leftover food and booze to their house.  We gathered in the living room to eat, watch the fire, and socialize. After everyone had eaten we ended up playing Pictionary in teams of four with the ages of those playing ranging from 5th grade to in our 50s.  Teams had people from a variety of countries; besides the US, there were folks from Belgium, France, Germany, and England.  It was very laid back, very friendly, and at times, very competitive. I wasn’t hosting and, while most of the families gathered were members of my congregation, it wasn’t a group that expected me to wear my ministerial hat in any way. I think all three of us—Kathy and Becca were with me—were able to just be ourselves and relax.  I had a lot of fun.

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