Monday, May 21, 2007

Books, Cheese, Gardens, and Papers

It's been a busy month. My desktop crashed, causing me to have to reload Windows and then copy everything from the laptop. At the same time I had a 50 page paper due for one of my grad school courses and then, when that was done, all the termpapers and final exams that my students turned in had to be graded. But they're DONE!!!!

So now I'm turing my attention to summer type things. With the exception of the Onaways (which I would have thought would show themselves first), our potatoes have all begun to show themselves.

We put cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce in last week, along with a lot of different kinds of flowering annuals. We've also planted the hanging baskets and gotten them up on the front porch. And about two hours ago, I put our tomatoes (four different kinds this year, including Green Zebra and German Johnson heirlooms) in the ground.

My hopes for the next month until my summer grad school courses start are mainly to:
1) play lots of guitar and flute;
2) knit. I finished one scarf this weekend, but I've two more that I've promised people to go before I can start something more creative;
3) play video games. I'm part way through Zelda on the Wii and will have to redo Scratches, since most of the game was lost in the computer crash. Plus there are my avatars in A Tale in the Desert and Second Life to keep busy; and
4) make cheeses of various kinds. Late Saturday night we made mozzarella for the first time and then promptly ate it, so I want to spend more time making not only soft cheeses but hard ones as well.
Unfortunately the reality is that the three summer courses have each assigned three to seven textbooks that Ishould try to get through before they begin in mid-June, I've got to have a doctoral project in mind before those classes begin, and the church still has its regular daily demands so the music and games may have to wait a bit until some time in August.