Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Five: Taking a Break

On RevGalBlogPals, Songbird writes: Where we live, it's February School Vacation Week!
Yes, that's an odd thing, a vacation extending President's Day. But it's part of our lives here. Some people go South or go skiing, but we always stay home and find more humble amusements.

In that spirit, I offer this Taking a Break Friday Five. Tell us how you would spend:

1. a 15 minute break
2. an afternoon off
3. an unexpected free day
4. a week's vacation
5. a sabbatical

1. a 15 minute break—I’d use it to sit and meditate.

2. an afternoon off – On a day like today when it’s very cold outside, I’d probably either read or go to a movie. If it were warmer, I’d work on the yard or go down by the river. And if it were –oh, I can’t wait—spring or summer, I’d go somewhere where I could be among flowers!

3. an unexpected free day – Depending on the weather, going to the theater or a museum, hiking, swimming, visiting friends.

4. a week's vacation – Travel, travel, travel to some place I haven't been yet!

5. a sabbatical – Assuming there was money for it and my family could come with me, I’d go to live in another country for a while—perhaps Italy or the French countryside—learn to speak the language better, do some short trips to neighboring countries, and spend the rest of the time writing a book.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Understanding Islam Through Virtual Worlds

Here's a great video that shows how Second Life can help us teach people about different religions and cultures: