Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five Minutes

If I were to lose my memory of the year, then short phrases about the year would mean nothing to me.  It’s reliving and refeeling the various activities that mainly matter.  But if I were to list the things that most stand out, they’d be:
·      The February trip to London, Oxford, and the Cotswolds with Kathy, Dan, and Becca
·      Concerts and theater—Mr. and Mrs. Fitch, Susan Werner, Wah, Live from the Crooked Road, Next Fall, Carol King and James Taylor, Emma’s Revolution, Mrs. Warren’s Profession
·      Rediscovering a new apostle Paul as I did Bible study series for First Presbyterian and Bedford Presbyterian
·      Starting Roots & Wings at South Church and then getting the $70,000 presbytery grant to fund it
·      Becca’s senior prom, high school graduation, and graduation party
·      Jon and Ilona’s wedding in Allentown
·      Minneapolis to give General Assembly speech on same-gender marriage and to visit with Kristen and Heidi
·      Vegetables- both from the Rexcroft Farm CSA and our garden—and a woodchuck
·      Becca starting and then dropping out of Manhattanville College
·      My Master Composter-Recycler certificate classes, almost all of which I enjoyed a lot
·      Kathy and my joining the Green Yoga Sangha to look at the relationship between environment and health
·      Attending the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC
·      Noah’s birth in early November, then his bris 8 days later
      ·    Trying to get ready to teach three new courses  (including one on global religions and the environment) at Pace



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Lauren Rosenfeld said...

Master composter? How cool is that? I could definitely use tips from a master composter! Great list. Thank you for sharing you meaningful life!