Thursday, August 16, 2007

Revamping Intro to Religion

I’ve spent a large portion of the last two days getting my fall Relg 109 Introduction to Religion class set. I’ve redesigned the course requirements so that class work is a mix of reading, writing, exploration, oral presentation, discussion (both F2F and online), and collaboration. I’ve created a new blog for the class (Check it out at that will include work done in class as well as links to individual students’ blogs. I’ve put the syllabus up on the Mercy College Blackboard page. And I’m about half way through revamping assignments. So far I’ve designed assignments that will send students farther out into the real world and assignments that will put them into the virtual world, assignments that can be done individually and assignments that will require networking, assignments that require analysis of an ancient text and assignments that require creative design of new religious images.

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