Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Five: Games

On RevGalsBlogPals today, Jan explains that this week’s Friday Five is
So this Friday Five is about games, so play on ahead. . .

1. Childhood games?
Kickball, Spud, mumblypeg, Horse, and Red Light-Green Light were the big ones.

2. Favorite and/or most hated board games?
Favorites as a child would be Candyland, Clue, and Go to the Head of the Class; my least favorite was Parchesi. As an adult, I still love puzzles and games including Pictionary, some versions of Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and puzzle type (Myst type )computer games.

3. Card games?
As a child, rummy (with my mother), Spit/War and SlapJack (with my friends) and especially canasta (with my grandmother, aunts, friends, etc.) As an adult it always seems to be canasta first.

4. Travel/car games?
As a child, when we went on a trip of any distance we always sang in the car. For very long trips, there were the “find license plates from different states”, “find words beginning with each letter of the alphabet” games, and I Spy. With my kids it was trivia questions and game boys along with the same games I played.

5. Adult pastimes that are not video games?
Reading, puzzles (jigsaw, sudoku, wordfinds, etc), playing music, knitting, gardening, and swimming.

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