Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Entanglement Theory

I've spent a good part of the day working to update the 'religion and science' section of my Contemporary Issues in Religion course. Part of the time was spent working on sorting out truths from untruths in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, updating developments in things like antimatter research, and listening to a "Speaking of Faith" interview with theoretical physicist Janna Levin. From there I've gone on to read some of what CERN is hoping to do to explore the big bang theory and the issue of "missing dark matter" using its Large Hadron Collider. And, since most of my students seem to have almost no updated physics knowledge when we get to the topic of religion and the big bang theory, I've spent the last part of the day listening to the first lectures on Quantum Entanglement that Leonard Susskind, the father of string theory, has given at Stanford University. How physics has changed since I studied it formally more than 30 years ago! And how, the more I study it, the more it seems to go beautifully with a spiritual view of life!

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