Saturday, April 21, 2007


Back in January the gardening catalogues came. And back in February I put in orders from them for several things, all of which arrived at the end of March. But because of the continual cold weather and then the nor'easter last weekend, they've been sitting on the back porch looking more and more forlorn. Today, with the rains gone and the sun out, it was finally warm enough to plant. We put in eight new hydrangea plants (red, pink, blue, and white) near the back fence. Here's hoping there's enough sunlight there for them to do well!

And then I mixed compost, 4-2-6 fertilizer, and soil together in a 4 ft. by 4 ft. area right in back of our house for our newest experiment. We've decided that this year, rather than planting all the different varieties of tomatoes that we have in the past, we'll only plant 2 or 3 kinds and use the rest of the space to try to grow potatoes. So, under the dirt you're seeing in the picture are red cloud, onaway, all blue, butte, cranberry red, and carola potato seedings. We chose them becuause not only are they supposed to taste great, but as they grow they're also known for their fragrance and beautiful blossoms. So later this summer we should be grilling potatoes in shades of pink, lavendar, blue, and white.

And of course, now that spring is really here, we've got some of our yearly plants around as well.

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