Monday, May 5, 2008


While I read each issue of Fortune magazine to keep up with general trends in the business world, the articles in it don't usually excite me. But the mid-May issue is different. There are two great articles in it.

The first, "The Best Advice I Ever Got", is an article I'd recommend everyone --whether in the business world or not-- read, since it really does have some good, practical advice in it. The weblink for the article is here and the talkback from readers discussing the column-- which is also interesting- is here.) While the suggestions given are uneven (Tina Fey's, for example, strikes me as such drivel), I was especially impressed by the advice of Indra Nooyi, the CEO of Pepsico, about positive intent, advice that we should be applying in all settings in which we interact with other people.

The second article was an interview with Larry Page (the co-founder of Google) on how to change the world (which can be found here.) Page talks about discusses truly breakthrough ideas (as opposed to ideas that either fine tune or build upon products and services already out there) , why we have so few people working on them, and how we can increase the number of people doing such work. His comment about needing more Edisons and less Teslas strikes me, even though I much prefer Tesla's personality, sad though it was, to Edison's-- as exactly on point.

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