Monday, April 7, 2008


Last evening we went to see “Buddy” at the Westchester Broadway Theater. The show is based on the career and songs of Buddy Holly. Since I’d never seen Holly in person, I don’t know what kind of job Pat McRoberts did playing him, but he seemed to have a lot of skill and energy as he sang songs like “Peggy Sue” or “Rave On”. Somehow I’d missed most of this music growing up; I was a baby when Holly died and, I guess because I didn’t have older brothers or sisters around playing the music of the time, never had any occasion to listen to Holly’s songs. I found myself surprised at how closely these “early rock” songs seemed to be to modern country music.

The part of the show that I enjoyed most was the recreation of the Crickets’ appearance at the Apollo theater as the first white act to perform there. I’m sure that the final numbers staged to be like those in Clear Lake’s Surf Ballroom were meant to be the highlight of the show, especially since they brought on actors to play both the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens for that scene. Friends had told us ahead of time how amazing that scene was, especially the actor playing Ritchie Valens, but I didn't find it particularly noteworthy. Of the entire play, it’s not that but the Apollo Theater scene that I’ll remember.