Monday, June 18, 2007

At Drew

I arrived at Drew yesterday afternoon since they said to arrive between 2 and 5 and so far things have been very tame. There was nothing to do yesterday other than check into the dorm. Because I'm one of two women in my program and the other woman chose to stay in a hotel I have the place to myself.

Today we began with breakfast at 8:30 and then an orientation morning, which was largely a repeat of information they'd already given us in writing and introductions. 31 of the 33 DMin students did introductions of the "I've one wife/husband and x kids" type. When the director of the program said that Drew prided itself on having attained balanced diversity in the DMin program in all ways I wanted to say "Really? Is anyone else gay? Or is there anyone who is single? Or divorced? Or..." The only other thing on the schedule for the day was to get ID cards and be back at the dorm to have our refrigerators delivered at 2. I used the afternoon to get some swimming in, but I hope that the "intense emersion experience" they keep saying this three weeks is gets more intense tomorrow when classes formally begin.

I'm heading off to dinner in a little while (both the cafeteria and the snack bar are closed during the summer so we have to eat off campus except for lunch time when there may be a place to get a sandwich) with the other six folks who are in my cohort for the rest of my DMin program. I hope it's a good chance to get to know them a little better.

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